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Germain Robin Bottles on table



Grapes. Redwood. Liberty. Legacy. California Brandy uncompromisingly made to the highest quality standards. By honoring old world techniques, while adapting the brandy making process to suit new grapes and the California environment, Germain-Robin blazed a trail of distilling innovation, pushing the art of brandy making to new heights.

Art Through Distillation


We began as the unlikely union of two creative minds : Ansley Coale, a professor driving along a Northern California highway, and Hubert Germain-Robin, a hitchhiking Cognac distiller. The two created Germain-Robin, the first California Brandy that broke free from the constraints of Cognac. They crafted their brandy with traditional alembic Cognac stills, but using unconventional, flavorful and complex California wine grapes. Embracing the rich tradition of hand-distillation while harnessing the potential of California wine, we set a new standard of excellence in brandy that has been recognized worldwide. Germain-Robin continues that tradition today - advancing the art of fine California Brandy into a new era.

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Germain Robin



Germain-Robin is based around California-grown Colombard grapes, a standard in traditional brandy making. Distilled exclusively in Pruhlo Charentais Pot Stills and aged in Limousin Oak Barrels, Germain-Robin highlights the flavors that make California Brandy one of the most sought after aged spirits.

Distiller’s Notes:
Germain-Robin is met with a nose of oak spice and fruit. The fruit-forward notes of apple and pear are lightly accented with honeysuckle and cherry blossom, giving way to rich apricot and peach. Well-integrated toasted oak gives light accents of cinnamon and brown sugar. The rich full mouthfeel lingers after the finish in this balanced blend.

Germain Robin XO 94



Germain-Robin XO is an icon of California Brandy. Distilled exclusively in Pruhlo Charentais Pot Stills and aged in Limousin Oak Barrels, XO highlights the unique flavor and characteristics of California Pinot Noir grapes.

Distiller’s Notes:
The high-quality California wine grapes in Germain-Robin xo showcase unique flavors and layered textures. The signature grape, pinot noir, provides a dark cherry character and a rich silky mouthfeel. Colombard distillate adds a fresh apple character while Semillon provides richness with peach and apricot notes. The balance of both fruit and oak flavors is unique to Germain-Robin xo. The vanilla and toast flavors from the french oak complement the fruit which creates layers of complexity that only can be found from sourcing great fruit. The fermentation and distillation are driven with the goal of emphasizing fruit and mouthfeel and then paired with aging in select limousin oak barrels. Texturally, the brandy is extremely smooth and has an incredibly long finish.

Germain Robin Single Barrel Pinot Noir Brandy

Single Barrel Pinot Noir Brandy

AGED 17 YEARS | $250

Double distilled in Prulho Charentais pot stills in 2005 and aged 17 years in heirloom Limousin Oak barrels, this single barrel brandy made from Anderson Valley, Mendocino California grown Pinot Noir grapes was chosen for its exceptional character, paying homage to our founders’ contribution to fine brandy making.​

Signature Flavors:
Cherry, Oak, Butterscotch

Distiller’s Notes:
Single Barrel Pinot Noir brandy captures the fruit character of the Pinot Noir grape on both the nose and the palate. Aroma of ripe cherry, currents and sugared dry plums are lifted with the notes of toasted oak.  Layers of nutmeg, and butterscotch show the 17 years in barrel were very kind to the liquid.  The flavor comes through rich with layers of pomegranate, raspberry jam, and more cherry notes.  The light touches of leather create a wonderful backdrop for the expressive selection.

Germain Robin Single Barrel Viognier Brandy

Single Barrel Viognier Brandy

AGED 17 YEARS | $250

Germain-Robin Single Barrel Viognier Brandy is in a class all its own. Not a traditionally distilled varietal, California Viognier Brandy is as rare as it is expressive and aromatic, and this barrel is a standout among our brandy stocks due to its extraordinary flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. The 100% California Viognier grapes shine through with floral and ripe character on both the nose and the palate. Double distilled in 1997 using Prulho Charentais pot stills and aged 17 years in Limousin Oak, these special bottles were hand-selected for an exclusive release of 55 cases at 41.5% ABV. Single Barrel Viognier is the result of our Founders' exacting standards in pursuit of brandy making perfection.

Signature Flavors:
Peach, Toasted Oak, Honey

Distiller’s Notes:
Peach, apricot and citrus notes combine to create flavor and mouthfeel that are delicate yet beautifully rich and round. Caramel, toasted oak, and a light touch of vanilla offer a consistent elegance from nose to finish.

Germain Robin Single Barrel Riesling Brandy

Single Barrel Riesling Brandy

AGED 16 YEARS | $250

Germain-Robin Single Barrel Riesling Brandy is a unique and rare spirit. Double distilled in 1998 using Prulho Charentais pot stills from the highest quality Mendocino County Riesling wines, and aged for 16 years, this single barrel bottling showcases the intensely aromatic flavors of Riesling grapes, deepened by long aging in Limousin Oak barrels. This distinct bottling of only 33 cases at 41.4%b ABV encapsulates the pioneering spirit of our Founders, showcasing a floral California Brandy unlike any other.

Signature Flavors:
Orange Blossom, Toasted Oak, Honey

Distiller’s Notes:
Densely aromatic floral notes, leading with orange blossom, with complex notes of clove, ginger, gardenia, and iris. Tropical fruit and crisp apple elevates the floral notes, finishing with a touch of dark toasted oak.