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Germain Robin XO Brandy  750ML

sale price $135.00
Germain-Robin XO is an icon of California brandy. Distilled exclusively in Pruhlo Charentais pot stills and aged in French Limousin oak barrels, XO highlights the unique flavors and characteristics of California-grown grapes. The signature grape, Pinot Noir, provides a dark cherry character and a rich silky mouthfeel. Colombard distillate adds a fresh apple character while Sémillon provides richness with peach and apricot notes. The balance of both fruit and oak flavors is unique to Germain-Robin XO. The vanilla and toast character from oak aging complement the fruit creating layers of complexity that only can be found from sourcing great fruit. Texturally, the brandy is extremely smooth and has an incredibly long finish.
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sale price $250.00
Double distilled in Prulho Charentais pot stills in 2005 and aged 17 years in heirloom Limousin Oak barrels, this single barrel brandy made from Anderson Valley, Mendocino California grown Pinot Noir grapes was chosen for its exceptional character, paying homage to our founders’ contribution to fine brandy making.​ <br><br> Single Barrel Pinot Noir brandy captures the fruit character of the Pinot Noir grape on both the nose and the palate. Aroma of ripe cherry, currents and sugared dry plums are lifted with the notes of toasted oak. Layers of nutmeg, and butterscotch show the 17 years in barrel were very kind to the liquid. The flavor comes through rich with layers of pomegranate, raspberry jam, and more cherry notes. The light touches of leather create a wonderful backdrop for the expressive selection.
Germain Robin 7 Years  750ML

sale price $90.00
Made with California-grown Colombard grapes, a standard in traditional brandy making, Germain-Robin is distilled exclusively in Pruhlo Charentais Pot Stills and aged in French Limousin oak barrels. Germain-Robin highlights the flavors that make California brandy one of the most sought after aged spirits. The brandy is met with a nose of oak spice and fruit. The fruit forward notes of apple and pear are lightly accented with honeysuckle and cherry blossom, giving way to a rich apricot and peach flavor. Well integrated toasted oak gives light accents of cinnamon and brown sugar. The rich full mouthfeel lingers after finish in this balanced blend.

sale price $38.00
The Argonauts of the Gold Rush were speculators, leaving home for the unlikely opportunity of striking it rich in the goldfields. The miners too were speculating, staking claims and betting that the gold in their plots was worth more than the purchase price. Argonaut Speculator pays homage to our former master distiller, who laid down quality stocks of brandy for decades, without a specific program in mind. This blend is evidence that she made a good bet. At 86 proof, Speculator offers bright green apple, ripe pear, apricot and stone fruit, honeysuckle and orange blossom, nutmeg and clove, chamomile, golden raisin, tropical notes of ripe banana and pineapple.

sale price $200.00
The Argonauts of the Gold Rush were charmed and captivated by Sam Brannan’s claim of gold in the American River. His proclamation proved the catalyst to a new era in American history, accelerating Westward expansion. For the Third Edition of The Claim, our pioneering distiller Rita Hansen selected the most exceptional stocks, showcasing a 25-year-aged Cabernet Sauvignon as the backbone of this sophisticated blend. The resulting blend is satisfyingly complex, characterized by rich mouth weight, full flavors, and deep rancio. The Third Edition of The Claim has lush aromas of dried pear, fig and toasted oak. Sweet floral honey and oak carries over to the palate, complemented by rich layers of nutmeg, vanilla, and a hint of anise. The finish is long and refined, with a perfect balance of fruit and spice.

sale price $50.00
During the California Gold Rush, gold dust served as the preferred currency. A miner would open his purse of gold, offering merchants and barkeeps to take a pinch of dust as payment. Prosperous merchants were said to have ‘Fat Thumbs,’ thanks to a reputation for taking generous pinches of gold. In blending Argonaut Fat Thumb, our Master Distiller showed she too had a ‘Fat Thumb’ when pulling from our alembic brandy stocks. The resulting blend showcases the quality of some of our more scarce blending legs. Fat Thumb offers baked apple cobbler, overripe pear, toasted oak, coconut, vanilla, nutmeg and clove, red apple, overripe pear, traces of caramelized banana, rich, silky mouthfeel.
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